The Avengers: Endgame Trailer Has Fans Wondering Where Captain Marvel Is


Right now, the MCU talk is all about the long-awaited first teaser for Avengers: Endgame, but at the start of this week, the focus was on Captain Marvel, as the MCU’s most powerful superhero got a brand new trailer all to herself.

But while Carol Danvers has yet to even make her big screen debut, many fans are invested in her enough already that they were hoping to see just a little more of the heroine in the first official footage for the Avengers: Infinity War sequel. Sadly, that’s not what Marvel Studios had in mind for the trailer, which kept the spotlight exclusively on pre-established heroes, and when the Captain Marvel enthusiasts realized that she was a no-show, they took to Twitter to point out this conspicuous absence:

Though Brie Larson’s character doesn’t show up in the Endgame teaser, the preview has already spawned a new theory about the heroine, with many fans predicting that she’ll be the one to save Tony Stark from his drift through space:

As indicated in that last tweet, Captain Marvel isn’t the only heroine that some are speculating might swoop in to save Iron Man before he runs out of oxygen, with Stark’s mention of “zero promise of rescue” in his message to Pepper Potts fueling the theory that Gwyneth Paltrow’s character will be the one to do the saving in her new Rescue persona.

Either seem plausible at this stage, but whatever Carol Danvers is currently up to in present-day MCU, you can see her fighting Skrulls in the ‘90s when Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8th, 2019, before she joins the rest of the team when Avengers: Endgame comes out on April 26th.