The Avengers: Endgame Trailer Has A Pretty Big Continuity Error


How many times have you watched the Avengers: Endgame trailer by now? Loads, right? No doubt you’ve already spotted minute details in the teaser, like the subtle reveal about Shuri’s fate or the fact that Steve Rogers is back in his Cap suit from The Winter Soldier. But we bet you didn’t notice the big continuity error hidden in the preview.

Let’s recap. The first minute of the trailer for Endgame focuses on Tony Stark stranded in space on the Benatar. Low on food, water and air, he records a farewell message to Pepper Potts with his badly-beaten Iron Man helmet. If you dry your eyes enough to notice, you’ll see that the damage to the helmet is on the right side of the face.

The only problem is that, in Avengers: Infinity War, the opposite side of the mask was damaged during Stark’s big battle with Thanos. What’s more, the helmet seems to be in slightly better condition as well, with both eyes in tact in Endgame.

This may be a hiccup on the props department’s part here or, alternatively, it could be an unintended by-product of the shot being flipped for whatever reason during the editing phase. As Screen Geek suggested, it could be that the flip was done purely for this trailer. The folks that compile the previews aren’t so fussed about matters of continuity as the filmmakers themselves, after all.

If this is the root of the problem, it’s very probable that the shot will be featured the right way around in the movie itself, thereby fixing the issue. If not, have fun watching this scene in Avengers: Endgame now that we’ve pointed out this frustrating detail.