Kevin Smith Says Avengers: Endgame Deserves A Best Screenplay Oscar Nom


Even if you’re not particularly keen on superhero movies, you will surely agree that Avengers: Endgame stands as a remarkable feat of filmmaking.

This is, after all, the culmination of a franchise – nay, a universe – that began all the way back in 2008, so it’s fair to say that Joe and Anthony Russo (along with Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely) had their work cut out when crafting Endgame and its super-sized story.

The hard work has paid dividends, of course, as Endgame recently surpassed Avatar to become the highest-grossing movie, well, ever. But there are those who believe the film is worthy of all the accolades.

Take Kevin Smith, for example. The Jay and Silent Bob Reboot star recently took to Twitter to claim Avengers: Endgame is worthy of an Oscar nomination for Best Screenplay purely for the exchange between Tony Stark and his father, played once again by John Slattery.

SPOILERS! 3rd time seeing Avengers: Endgame at home. Tony running into Howard is my favorite scene. And this exchange paves the way for Tony’s last stand. The movie deserves a Best Screenplay nomination for this moment alone. Tony finally learns to lay down on the wire – thanks to Dad.

It’s a gut-wrenching scene, not least because you can pinpoint the exact moment when Stark – Tony, not Howard – realizes that he must lay down on the wire, and do what his father cannot. Cue the scene when Tony makes the ultimate sacrifice and essentially fulfills the prophecy set out by Doctor Strange during the height of Infinity War.

If nothing else, it only illustrates the richness of Avengers: Endgame‘s story, and we’ll be rooting for the Marvel Studios juggernaut when those Oscar nominations are announced later this year. Best Screenplay? And maybe even a Best Actor nod for Robert Downey Jr., too? Fingers crossed.