Avengers: Endgame Writer Defends Cap’s Big Decision At The End

Captain America Avengers: Endgame

As expected, Avengers: Endgame brings an end to Captain America’s journey in the MCU. Well, at least Steve Rogers’ journey. The movie finishes with the Sentinel of Liberty traveling back in time to live an old-fashioned life married to Peggy Carter, passing his shield and mantle on to his old pal, Sam Wilson.

This happy ending comes in sharp contrast to Iron Man’s tragic one, as Tony Stark sacrifices himself to save the universe. But what was the thinking behind going down this road with the hero? Well, while speaking to the Los Angeles Times, writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely addressed why this was the only decision they – and Cap – could have made.

“We’ve been with Steve Rogers since his first movie and to see him finally get some measure of peace … I mean, as upright and upstanding a character and as relatively positive as he is, he’s had nothing but sacrifice. He has put himself aside at every turn. And to feel that satisfaction of him finally going back and getting with Peggy and experiencing that makes me very happy.”

Markus and McFeely have indeed been with Cap since the beginning. The duo penned all three Captain America movies before graduating onto Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame (er, they’re also credited on Thor: The Dark World but don’t hold that against them). They know Steve Rogers better than anyone then, and you can’t deny their logic that this is the perfect way to wrap up his story.

Though, of course, the logistics of Cap’s ending have been called into question several times now, as the rules of time travel established in the movie appear not to explain how Old Man Steve could be sitting by that lake in the original timeline, when his alternate life should have created a new timeline. Confusingly, the writers and directors the Russo brothers have served up two conflicting explanations for this, so it seems fans will have to keep theorizing about it for themselves.

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