Avengers: Endgame Writers Finally Confirm Gamora’s Fate After Tony’s Snap


It’s been several months since the release of Avengers: Endgame and you’d think that by this point, all the questions we had about it would have been answered. Well, think again. There are still a ton of lingering plot threads that have gone unaddressed and one that fans have been most curious about is did Gamora survive Tony’s snap at the end of the film?

It’s a fair question, too, as nothing after Stark’s heroic sacrifice really made it clear if she was still alive. Even the IMDb page for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 doesn’t show Zoe Saldana as reprising her role. At least, not the last time we checked it didn’t. But now, we’ve finally got our answer.

Endgame writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely hosted a panel at Comic-Con this weekend and of course, they were asked about Gamora. Surprisingly, they actually had an answer for us, as they revealed that yes, she did survive. According to them, she simply slipped away and they fully expect her to return in Guardians Vol. 3.

This makes plenty of sense, as we already know that James Gunn was pretty involved in the production of both Infinity War and Endgame and we imagine he had more than enough time to plan out Gamora’s death, resurrection and disappearance, What the director has in store for her in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 remains to be seen, of course, but it’s good to know she’ll be involved.

After all, she’s always been the heart of the team, arguably the one with the strongest moral center, so it should be interesting to see how the character develops from here. With any luck, we may just learn a little more about Marvel’s post-Avengers: Endgame plans tomorrow night at their Comic-Con panel, so be sure to stay tuned.