Avengers: Endgame Writers Say Cap Planned His Trip Into The Past The Night Before

chris evans captain america

There’s been a whole lot of talk concerning Captain America’s ending in Avengers: Endgame. The reveal that Steve Rogers had elected to remain behind in the past and stay with Peggy Carter certainly landed emotionally, but fans have had many questions about the logistics of how he went about it.

For instance, how much did Bucky Barnes know about what his pal was going to do? The Winter Soldier seems to at least have a hunch that Steve’s not coming back as he says an emotional goodbye to his friend before he heads off into the Quantum Realm to return the Infinity Stones. The Russos have previously revealed that Bucky knew everything though, as Steve had told him about his plans beforehand.

This is something that screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have concurred in a new interview. While speaking with CBR, the duo were asked why Barnes isn’t surprised by Old Man Steve appearing by that lake. Markus explained that “Steve and Bucky had a talk the night before.”

Markus’ comment is interesting as it confirms how far in advance Cap planned what you might call his retirement. The hero clearly decided that he’d be leaving the present day following Tony Stark’s funeral, probably because it was Tony in the first place who told him to find a life like he had with his wife and daughter earlier in the film.

The question of how Bucky was in on Cap’s time-traveling happy ending also ties into why Steve passes the mantle of Captain America onto Sam Wilson without even asking his wartime bud. The filmmakers have discussed how Steve and Bucky would have talked it over and likely both decided that Falcon was the best person to wield the shield, with Sebastian Stan saying that he thinks being Cap would be a burden to Bucky.

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