Avengers: Endgame Writers Wish Steve And Bucky Had More Time Together


If you’ve already seen Avengers: Endgame (and given its box office numbers, we assume you have), then you’re well aware of how huge an accomplishment it was. Not only did it bring a ton of great fan service to those who’ve followed the Marvel Cinematic Universe for years now, but it also featured some beautiful sendoffs for a few beloved heroes.

In face, one of Endgame‘s biggest strengths was that it didn’t feel quite as bloated as Infinity War. By bringing the focus down to a limited number of heroes, the narrative was give ample chance to breathe. Still, the cavalry appeared near the end of the third act and fans were given much reason to cheer.

That being said, some people weren’t entirely happy, as many were hoping to see more of Steve and Bucky. Yes, the two old friends did get a chance to reunite, but they didn’t spend too long together and it turns out that Endgame‘s writers, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, wish they could’ve written a few more moments for them into the movie.

When asked by the LA Times if they wish they could’ve given more screentime to some of the character reunions, here’s what they said:

“Steve and Bucky would’ve been good. Rocket and Groot could’ve had another moment. [Black] Panther and Okoye, even Hope and Scott Lang. Lang in many ways is the driving force of this story. He didn’t get time to really have a moment with Hope.”

These are all good suggestions, as we didn’t get nearly enough of any of these reunions, but in a film as busy and jam-packed as Avengers: Endgame, there was never going to be enough room to give everyone their due. And besides, Markus and McFeely still did a tremendous job juggling everything and making sure it all fit together – even if there are a few glaring plot holes that’ve yet to be cleared up.

But what do you think? Do you wish we’d seen more Bucky and Steve moments in Avengers: Endgame? As always, you can share your thoughts with us down below.