Avengers: Endgame Writers Reveal The MCU’s Three Geniuses


Look away now, Doctor Strange; the creative team behind Avengers: Endgame have named the three “scientific geniuses” of Marvel’s cinematic juggernaut and, well… there’s no room for the Sorcerer Supreme.

As part of the Endgame commentary track (h/t ComicBook.com), directors Joe and Anthony Russo sat down with Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely – writers of Endgame and many of its MCU predecessors – to analyze each and every frame of what is now the highest-grossing film in history.

Part of that conversation involved the three scientific geniuses of the MCU. Tony Stark and Bruce Banner are a given, of course, but the third entry? It may surprise you to know that the Russo Brothers, along with Markus and McFeely, hold Rocket Raccoon in that same bracket.

It takes Eitri, you know… and a legendary forge to make the first glove. And it takes Banner, Tony and Rocket to make the second one. Three of the scientific geniuses of the Marvel Universe.

Rocket is nothing if not nifty, as his ability to forge weapons and loot his way across the galaxy has been a constant source of amusement ever since Bradley Cooper’s rogue hero was first introduced to the wider MCU. Since then, he’s been ushered into the Guardians of the Galaxy and struck up a real friendship with Thor Odinson – remember that heartfelt scene during the throes of Infinity War? When the God of Thunder mourned the loss of his entire family? It’s right up there with the MCU’s best, so we fully expect Thor and Rocket’s relationship to continue long into MCU Phase 4.

Closer to home, Avengers: Endgame is now available on digital platforms for those in North America, with a Blu-ray launch scheduled for August 13th. Those in the United Kingdom have been forced to wait a little bit longer, where Endgame‘s home video release is locked in for early September.