Avengers: Infinity War Features An Awesome Arrested Development Easter Egg


As the biggest MCU movie yet, Avengers: Infinity War features a host of easter eggs and references to Marvel lore. Amongst the nods to the comic books and previous films, though, the Russo brothers also snuck in an easter egg to one of their past projects: cult sitcom Arrested Development.

During the scene in which the Guardians of the Galaxy journey to Knowhere in order to stop Thanos getting his hands on the Reality Stone, they enter the Collector’s Collection. Just as they arrive, if you look to the left of Gamora, you’ll see a bald blue guy, who Arrested Development fans will recognize as a homage to Tobias Funke, as played by David Cross.

To give this some context, season 2 episode “The One Where Michael Leaves” sees Tobias paint himself blue, or “blue himself” as he puts it, as he hopes to join the Blue Man Group. Check it out for yourself below:

If you’re thinking that we’re just reading too much into this brief glimpse of some blue alien, then you should know that the easter egg is confirmed at the end of the credits, which mention an “Arrested Development Character.” The Russos themselves have also promised that fans of the series should pay attention during the movie. “I would say that Arrested Development fans should keep their eyes open with this one,” Joe Russo said a while back.

What’s more, this isn’t the first time that the Russos have referenced their TV sitcom past in one of their Marvel movies. Captain America: Civil War previously featured Jim Rash as a teacher at MIT, somewhat similar to his role on Community, which the brothers also worked on.

Furthermore, during the famed airport battle scene, another Arrested Development nod can be spotted in the background: specifically, the iconic Stair Car. At this point, we’re pretty sure the directors are trying to fold their own shows into the MCU.