Civil War Actor Daniel Brühl Game To Reprise As Zemo For A Future Marvel Movie


Though Bucky Barnes (AKA the Winter Soldier/White Wolf) shouldered the brunt of villain duties on Captain America: Civil War, Baron Zemo was the one really pulling the strings.

In the fallout of Avengers: Age of Ultron and its Battle of Sokovia, Zemo swore revenge on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and devised a plot to dismantle their team dynamic from the inside out. And so, the scientific genius known as Helmut Zemo killed King T’Chaka, only to pin the blame on Bucky Barnes, who was actually responsible for the death of Tony Stark’s parents while operating under the command of HYDRA.

All of this culminated in Marvel’s Civil War, but as any MCU enthusiast will tell you, young T’Challa (the current Black Panther) spared Zemo’s life, leading many to wonder whether Daniel Brühl’s elusive villain will ever return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point in the future.

Zemo in Captain America Civil War

Indeed, if Brühl has his way, he’ll be slipping into the guise of Helmut Zemo sooner rather than later. Currently in the midst of promoting his role in 7 Days in Entebbe, Daniel Brühl told Screen Rant the following:

Well I hope so. I always say they didn’t kill me, which is always a good sign. As you can imagine, it’s extremely secretive. Even if I would know something, I would probably not be allowed to tell you. But again, I was very glad about the fact that he [did] not kill himself and [was] stopped by Black Panther and that he ends up in a prison. But I’m pretty sure he’s going to get out of that prison somehow.

Looks like we haven’t seen the last of Civil War‘s Helmut Zemo, after all. Granted, with so many characters already on board for Avengers: Infinity War and its untitled sequel, perhaps it’s best if Brühl’s big bad remains a part of the past? You can chime in with your own thoughts down below.

Source: Screen Rant