Avengers: Infinity War Blasts Off With $100 Million, On Track For $245.6 Million


It’s begun, folks. Avengers: Infinity War‘s total domination over the box office is now well underway and all other films releasing in close proximity better watch out, for Thanos is on a rampage and there’s just no stopping the Mad Titan.

After scooping up $39 million during its Thursday night showings – an MCU record, might we add – the blockbuster has now finished its first full day in North America and Deadline reports that when combined with its Thursday take, Infinity War currently sits at $106.7 million. That puts it on track for a total domestic opening haul of $245.6 million. Granted, that’s just an estimate and we won’t know the final numbers until Monday rolls around, but we expect it’ll be pretty close to that.

For those keeping track, $245.6 million would put the film just slightly below the biggest domestic opening ever, which belongs to The Force Awakens at $247.9 million. As such, some analysts actually think Infinity War stands a chance of topping it thanks to all those fans who are hoping to catch it more than once this weekend. But we won’t know for sure if that’s the case until tomorrow.

No doubt, Twitter is certainly helping push people into theaters, too. Deadline reports that “hashtags exploded to 644K hashtags/tags in a day and 4.5M over the month for #InfinityWar and @Avengers this week.” To put that into perspective, “Twitter hashtags/tags for #BlackPanther and @TheBlackPanther on Feb 20th set an all-time movie record since Thursday night, with 559K unique Twitter posts in one day (100K per day is exceptional).” As they say, never underestimate the power of social media, right?

Wherever Avengers: Infinity War ends up finishing at the box office, it’s clear that it’s going to be a monster success for Marvel. Then again, it’s not like we expected anything less. As the culmination of 18 films and 10 years’ worth of storylines, it’s a movie that fans have been waiting forever to see and though it certainly had a lot riding on it, Joe and Anthony Russo knocked it out of the park, delivering an unforgettable experience.

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