Box Office: Infinity War Aiming For $100M-Plus In Its Second Weekend


In all of box office history, few films have the necessary staying power to break $100 million during their second weekend. But it seems Avengers: Infinity War is one such film.

Deadline has crunched the numbers to reveal that not only is Infinity War on the verge of $1 billion worldwide, but the Marvel event movie is expected to scoop up anywhere between $100M-$130M in its second weekend at the domestic box office. That’s huge. Put it this way: Warner’s Justice League couldn’t even muster $100M in its opening weekend, let alone the second.

Perhaps the most telling stat for Infinity War is that Joe and Anthony Russo’s Herculean crossover is said to be pacing 74 percent above Captain America: Civil War, and a full 66 percent when compared to Avengers: Age Of Ultron. And the additional $100M-$130M will certainly be enough to push Avengers 3 towards that all-important $1 billion milestone in record time. In fact, only The Force Awakens comes close to matching the sequel’s meteoric success.

On a global scale, Infinity War is still a ways away from topping The Avengers ($1.5 billion), Marvel’s first landmark crossover that assembled Earth’s Mightiest Heroes back in 2012. Mind you, at $857M, it’s already halfway there, and the MCU’s latest (and potentially greatest?) installment still has an ace in the hole: China.

Expect Marvel’s mega-movie to grace the Middle Kingdom next Friday, May 11th – for the record, those in Russia opened their arms to the film earlier today – which ought to help propel Avengers: Infinity War towards $2 billion. The sky’s the limit for Joe and Anthony Russo’s superhero smackdown, so it’s small wonder why fans are beginning to keep one ear to the ground in anticipation of Avengers 4.