Avengers: Infinity War BTS Image Reveals How That Bucky/Rocket Moment Was Shot

Avengers: Infinity War

There are so many fun character crossovers from the big Wakandan battle in Avengers: Infinity WarSteve Rogers and Groot sharing greetings, the moment where the other heroines team up to protect Scarlet Witch… the list goes on. Another one, though, is the unlikely partnership between the Winter Soldier and Rocket Raccoon.

The pair are able to effectively fight back against the Outriders thanks to a neat move involving Bucky Barnes picking up Rocket with his robot arm and revolving around in a circle, so they can both take out as many of the creatures as possible. And now, a newly uncovered behind-the-scenes image reveals how this scene was filmed on location.

As fans will know, Sean – brother of Guardians of the Galaxy director James – Gunn performs Rocket on set, with his physicality being the basis of the raccoon’s movements on screen. This pic, reposted on Reddit after it was initially shared by the film’s stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave, makes clear that they actually partially shot the scene for real, with Sebastian Stan grabbing Gunn by the scruff of the neck.

Rocket and Bucky had a great dynamic – even if the former was mostly just interested in getting his hands on the latter’s cyborg arm – but unfortunately, it wasn’t to last, as Sergeant Barnes soon became one of the victims of Thanos’ Snap. Rocket survived and joined up with the Avengers, later aiding them in their Time Heist. At the end of Avengers: Endgame, he had returned to space with the resurrected Guardians. We’ll probably next see him in Thor: Love and Thunderprior to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. 

As for Bucky, he returned once Hulk used the Infinity Gauntlet to un-dust everyone, taking part in the grand final battle against the Mad Titan and his forces. Following Tony Stark’s funeral, he witnessed best bud Steve Rogers take off into the past to be with Peggy Carter and then watched as Old Man Steve handed his shield to Sam Wilson. The fallout of this will be explored in the upcoming The Falcon and the Winter Soldier TV series.

If all this has got you in the mood to watch Avengers: Infinity War once again, you can now find it on Disney Plus.