Infinity War Promo Art Offers The Best Look Yet At Bucky’s Gilded New Arm


In a movie full of fist-pumping highlights and moments of heartfelt glee, Black Panther‘s Shuri undoubtedly threatened to steal the show from her big brother, T’Challa, with her infectious energy and best-in-class intellect.

She’ll be back for Avengers: Infinity War, thank the heavens, where we fully expect some sort of crowd-pleasing exchange between Wright’s whip-smart scientist and Tony Stark – between newbie and the old guard. Failing that, we’ll likely see more character development between Shuri and Bucky Barnes, who spent most, if not all of Black Panther in a cryogenic chamber.

But ridding the brain of HYRDA and its nefarious regime takes time, as does building an upgraded version of a bionic arm. That prosthetic has been a staple of the Winter Soldier from the get-go, and thanks to a newly-unveiled piece of promo art for Avengers: Infinity War, we now have a better look at Bucky’s artificial limb, which appears to be laced with the same golden material that formed part of the Golden Jaguar suit. It’s seemingly known as kintsugi to the Wakandan locals, and it’ll likely be able to store kinetic energy much like his fellow Avenger.

Check it out down in the gallery below (along with some recently released character posters):

He’s been bent, bruised, broken and battered to within an inch of his life, but come Avengers: Infinity War, Bucky Barnes will receive a new lease of life – quite literally – which is just as well considering Thanos and his Black Order are now looming on the horizon.

Speaking of which, as was revealed in this morning’s media dump, Sebastian Stan’s Avenger will be charging into battle alongside T’Challa, and that golden arm will likely come in handy when it comes to battling the many Outriders bearing down on Wakanda. Expect Avengers: Infinity War to zoom into theaters on April 27th.