Cap Isn’t Prepared For The Truths He’ll Face During Avengers: Infinity War


Avengers: Infinity War is an epic, mind-blowing movie filled with fun spectacle and dazzling moments.

At least, that’s what the critics are saying about Marvel’s 2018 tentpole (our review), in which Earth’s Mightiest Heroes unite in the face of a common enemy: Thanos.

Doing so won’t be easy, of course, given the calamitous events of Captain America: Civil War, which used Sebastian Stan’s deranged Bucky Barnes (AKA the Winter Soldier) as a wedge to thrust between Marvel’s finest. It’s for this reason that Infinity War opens at a time when our heroes are at their lowest – at their most vulnerable – while Chris Evans fully expects Cap to come face to face with truths “he isn’t prepared for.”

Via Screen Rant:

“I think no, I wouldn’t call them epilogue and say this is the this is the hardest fight he’s ever had and he might be facing some truths he isn’t preparing for,” said the actor.

Exactly what those revelations entail remains to be seen, but we imagine it has something to do with the character’s inevitable transition to Nomad.

Who is he, exactly? He’s not Captain America, that’s for sure, as Steve Rogers became totally disillusioned with the Powers That Be circa Captain America #180, and ultimately ditched his famous moniker – temporarily, we might add. Instead, Nomad is the Marvel equivalent of a lone wolf, someone who operates on the fringes of society as a masked vigilante.

It’s this comic book arc that helps inform Steve’s journey throughout Avengers: Infinity War, though the question remains: will Cap be one of those to bite the bullet? Remember, those Avengers 4 set photos showed the Sentinel of Liberty reliving the Battle of New York – presumably by means of Stark’s B.A.R.F. technology – so his survival isn’t exactly guaranteed.

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