Is This Our First Look At Cap’s New Shield In Avengers: Infinity War?


“Evacuate the city. Engage all defenses. And get this man a shield.”

Regardless of whether he stands by Captain America or takes on a new mantle in Nomad, Chris Evans’ MCU mainstay is expected to undergo a pretty sustainable makeover when Avengers: Infinity War steamrolls into theaters in May.

There’s the new facial hair, for one, which has led many to assume that Steve Rogers will be embracing the spirit of Nomad, the superpowered vigilante operating on his own accord. And though that may be true, a newly-unveiled merchandise line for Avengers: Infinity War offers up what may well be our first peek at Cap’s new shield.

Ditching the round design of his previous armament, this weapon is seemingly a product of Wakanda’s Vibranium-infused arsenal, and its silver, bland color palette will only fuel rumors of Rogers distancing himself from the Captain America moniker. Other figures spotted in the wild include Spider-Man, Iron Man and several members of the Black Order: Proxima Midnight, King Cobra, Taskmaster, and Songbird.

As for Cap? He’s currently “a character without a country,” according to Joe Russo, who warned viewers that the fallout of Civil War has scarred the star-spangled patriot – emotionally, if not physically.

You look at Arrested Development or Community, we are constantly either deconstructing genre or tone or playing with, we like to say it’s like being a Mad Scientist, you get to play in the laboratory and experiment with narrative. With a character called Captain America, you have to address the concept of who he is because his identity is tied to his country. So we thought it would be a really compelling narrative if he got into conflict with his identity, with the country, so the notion, the path that he’s following is the same path that we left him in at the end of Civil War, which is he’s a character without a country.

And Joe and Anthony Russo’s two-part epic will begin to unravel on May 4th of this year. It’s been described as a film of infinite proportions – how very apropos – so it’s small wonder why moviegoers chose Avengers: Infinity War to be the most-anticipated film of 2018.