Another Wave Of Infinity War Character Posters Spotlight Scarlet Witch And Her Allies


The hard-wired Marvel marketing machine is beginning to fire on all cylinders. And not a moment too soon.

In light of this morning’s dazzling character posters (see Spider-Man here and Cap here), the Powers That Be are now on the verge of completing the collection, as below you’ll find another helping of Avengers: Infinity War one-sheets that draw attention to some of the MCU’s fresh-faced heroes, like Shuri and Okoye.

The duo got their big break via Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther, and given how Wakanda is expected to feature quite substantially in Avengers: Infinity War – and indeed the entire MCU henceforth – Marvel fans can look forward to plenty of screentime for both of them. Also of note, Scarlet Witch is prepped and ready for battle, as is her god-like muse, Vision, who’s still in possession of that cosmic Mind Stone.

Feast thy eyes:

Pretty cool, no? Indeed, Infinity War and its all-star cast (23 Marvel heroes!) ought to be exclusive to the world of comic books, where big-name crossovers are commonplace. Leave it to Marvel Studios, then, to rewrite the rulebook and create one of the most audacious and successful film universes in the history of film universes.

So whereas rival studios have struggled to maintain a cohesive vision in the face of cute references and post-credits cameos, Marvel’s decision to build its MCU from the ground up has resulted in a cinematic crossover that is, quite frankly, unprecedented in its scale and mind-numbing scope.

And it’ll all come to a head once Avengers: Infinity War opens worldwide on April 27th.

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