The MCU Owes Its Success To Marvel’s “Incredibly Human” Characters, According To Tessa Thompson


What makes the Marvel Cinematic Universe tick, exactly?

One could argue that the franchise’s meteoric success can be traced back to über-producers Kevin Feige and Louis D’Esposito, while the MCU has also been built, fine-tuned and expanded by its staggering roster of directors – think of Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok) and Ryan Coogler (Black Panther) and you’ll begin to get a sense of the sheer diversity and raw talent within the Marvel ranks.

But in the eyes of Tessa Thompson, the ever-evolving Marvel Cinematic Universe owes its success to the “incredibly human” characters at its core. Speaking with Entertainment Tonight (h/t Screen Rant) in anticipation of Avengers: Infinity War, here’s how the actress summed up the MCU thus far:

Way before I was in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, before I dreamt that I ever would be, is that their characters are you know, in epic proportion… These superheroes, these god-like characters and also meanwhile, incredibly human. I’ve always felt that the strength of Marvel films are not just, you know, the action sequences which of course we love as audience members, but really dynamically that action that happens between these characters.

It’s a 10-year legacy that has culminated in Avengers: Infinity War, which is shaping up to be a vast, epic spectacle in and of itself – all signs point to it being the event movie of 2018, after all, with a $200m-plus opening weekend at the domestic box office.

Continuing on, Thompson told ET that Marvel fans will feel immensely satisfied when the end product hits theaters late next month:

Their friendships, their love stories, their loss. I think those are the things that really tug on your heart and make you compelled to really follow characters on their journeys. So I think the same will be true in Avengers: Infinity War. And the truth is the same will be true throughout Phase 4 ’cause that’s what Marvel does best.

Expect that historic character roster to race onto the big screen when Avengers: Infinity War arrives on April 27th.