Drax Drools Over The God Of Thunder In New Avengers: Infinity War Clip


“It’s like a pirate had a baby with an angel…”

Drax the Destroyer isn’t known for gawking at his allies, but then again, he hasn’t met the God of Thunder. Still reeling from the calamitous events of Thor: Ragnarok – not to mention Infinity War‘s prologue scene in which Thor, Loki, and the Asgardian refugees are left at the mercy of Thanos and his scheming Black Order – Chris Hemsworth’s Norse god is looking a little worse for wear in today’s newly-released clip for Avengers 3.

Embedded up above, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a number of clips into one extended sizzle reel, so if you’re pining for one last-minute primer for Avengers: Infinity War, we’ve got you covered. And it’s relatively light on spoilers, though it’s fair to say that Infinity War‘s space sequences will always look and sound better when projected onto the big screen.

Nevertheless, once Dave Bautista has finished drooling over Thor, and Star-Lord’s ego has been brought down to size, we see Mantis work her magic on an unconscious God of Thunder, at which point Pom Klementieff’s newly-appointed Guardian learns that Thor has been crippled by a “tremendous loss.”

Losing both Odin and his estranged sister, Hela, during Ragnarok has clearly done a number on Marvel’s Norse god, who is expected to spend most of Avengers: Infinity War searching for a new weapon to replace the shattered Mjölnir.

It’s a journey that whisks our muscular Avenger off to Nidavellir, where he hopes to forge Stormbreaker, a hefty armament capable of killing Thanos himself. Expect that quest to be projected onto screens near and far once Infinity War begins its global rollout at midnight.

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