Extended Avengers: Infinity War Clip Sees Stark Clash With Strange


“Tell me his name again…”

Part of what makes Avengers: Infinity War so special – so unprecedented – is the sheer amount of talent on display.

From seasoned MCU veterans in the vein of Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr. to Letitia Wright and Tom Holland, the exciting up-and-comers of Marvel’s superhero franchise, the ensemble cast underpinning Infinity War is as rich as it is varied. And it’s this star power that’s on full display in this newly-released clip for the MCU epic.

Coming to us by way of Jimmy Kimmel Live, this is essentially an extended version of Good Morning America’s own exclusive, in which Robert Downey Jr.’s tech genius can be seen goofing around within the hallowed halls of the Sanctum Sanctorum – much to the frustration of Benedict Cumberbatch’s all-wise, all-powerful magician, who rambles on about the oncoming threat of Thanos and his nefarious Black Order, before taking a swipe at Iron Man. Not that you can blame him…

Because while he’s still considered to be the MCU’s bona fide figurehead, Tony Stark has a habit of deflecting, well, just about everything, and often masks his fear with snarky one-liners and hilarious insults. This is, after all, the man who has christened just about everyone in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with their own unique and often unflattering nicknames (see: Point Break, Underoos, Legolas, Capsicle…you get the drift), so it’ll be fascinating to watch the Stark/Strange dynamic unfold.

It won’t be long before they’re fighting out of the same corner, mind you, what with Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian plotting the destruction of New York City. That alien duo makes up half of the Black Order, who will all bow before Thanos once Avengers: Infinity War begins its global rollout later this week.