Avengers: Infinity War Concept Art May Confirm A Popular Thanos Theory


“I finally rest, and watch the sunrise on an ungrateful universe. The hardest choices require the strongest wills.”

That’s the Mad Titan there, outlining his end goal to a visibly distraught Doctor Strange during Infinity War. Much to the horror of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Thanos actually achieved the impossible, rounded up all six Infinity Stones, and snapped his fingers to create a cosmic rapture the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

It’s one that clearly had a rippling effect on everything from Avengers 4 to Ant-Man and the WaspAnd Thanos? He was left to watch the sun rise over some far-flung planet. But a new piece of concept art from Pete Thompson (h/t MCU Cosmic) says otherwise.

Embedded below, this admittedly gorgeous artwork suggests that Thanos’ farm was actually located on a Titan unaffected by overpopulation. The takeaway? Josh Brolin’s big bad may have journeyed back in time just as Infinity War came to a close, which would certainly play into those rumors that time travel will feature quite prominently all throughout Avengers 4.

The Russo Brothers had previously stated that Thanos simply transported to a distant, unremarkable planet soon after triggering his universe-wide apocalypse. However, this sun-kissed concept art from Pete Thompson certainly presents some food for thought.

If true, this would likely trigger some major plot holes and inconsistencies in the MCU, as Josh Brolin’s purple tyrant could’ve simply warned his people of the impending chaos by traveling back in time – you know, as opposed to eradicating half of all life in the universe out of some misplaced sense of righteousness.

But we digress, assuming this artwork actually refers to Thanos’ farm on Titan, what do you make of the latest Avengers: Infinity War fan theory? You can, as always, chime in with your thoughts below.

Source: MCU Cosmic