Avengers: Infinity War Concept Art Reveals Doctor Strange Wearing Iron Man’s Suit


Avengers: Endgame might be getting all of the love nowadays, but Avengers: Infinity War was also an epic blockbuster in its own right. The aforementioned film set the stage for what went on to be the highest-grossing movie ever made and left viewers hanging with one of the biggest cliffhangers in cinematic history (regardless of what Kevin Feige thinks). Marvel’s Infinity Saga clearly owes a lot to this flick.

There’s so much action in Infinity War though that some pretty cool scenes were unfortunately left out of the final product. Now, concept art from these sequences has emerged online and has the Internet buzzing. Some of the most interesting images depict Iron Man and Doctor Strange swapping costumes. It would’ve been legendary to see these two try out each other’s powers for a change, but unfortunately, the idea was left on the cutting room floor.

Other shots show Bruce Banner visiting the Hulk in the mindscape, intricate new Wakandan armour and robotic panthers. Though no one’s confirmed this, it stands to reason that there’s still a chance we might see at least some of these ideas in the MCU moving forward.

Perhaps most fascinating of all though is the alternate death scene for Loki. It turns out that in a different version of Thor: Ragnarok, the antihero would’ve fled on one of the refugee ships to Jotunheim with the Tesseract. Thanos eventually would end up tracking Loki down and killing him.

This alternate ending for one of the MCU’s most-debated characters is certainly interesting, but would you have rather seen Loki die in this way? And is there anything else from the concept art that you wish Avengers: Infinity War would’ve kept in? Be sure to sound off in the comments section below and let us know what you think!