Avengers: Infinity War Confirms Thor’s Real Age


Who’s the oldest Avenger? Actor-wise, it’s Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark. But then again, Captain America is technically in his 90s due to being frozen in ice since World War II. It’s actually neither of them, though, as Thor is quite a bit older than any of his teammates.

How much older exactly? This has never actually been disclosed in previous movies, but Avengers: Infinity War finally puts that mystery to rest. While talking to the Guardians, the Asgardian king revealed that he’s 1,500 years old. He definitely looks good for his age, too, as we wouldn’t say he’s a day over 1,499.

Though this is the first time the God of Thunder’s age has been spelled out explicitly, other movies featuring the character have given us some clues as to how many birthdays he’s lived through. In 2011’s Thor, we’re told that Odin defeated the Frost Giants and adopted Loki 1,000 years before the events of the film. As Thor is the elder son, we knew that he was around at this time.

Apparently, he was about 500 years old when he found himself with a new baby brother. This must mean that Asgardians age a whole lot slower than humans, as flashbacks have seen Thor and Loki together as boys that appeared to be around 10 or 11. So, presumably, Thor would have become an “adult” around his 1000th year.

This fits with how the character was portrayed at the beginning of the 2011 pic, too. Nearing his 1,500th birthday, the God of Thunder was still pretty young for an Asgardian, hence why he acted recklessly and didn’t yet understand the responsibility of becoming king. He was probably in the equivalent of his late 20s at the time, but at present he’s a more mature 30-something.

Of course, Thor is now one of the oldest Asgardians left, as his whole planet, and a refugee vessel full of its people, have been destroyed, as the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War reveals. He probably misses the care-free days of back when he was only 1,000, eh?

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