Avengers: Infinity War Has A Great Connection Thor: The Dark World That No One Noticed


Marvel Studios is known for planning ahead in their multi-movie storytelling, which is probably a lot easier when there’s already a wide range comic books out there to provide a logical backbone to the saga. This is evident in a recent find from Thor: The Dark World that’s currently getting some attention on Reddit. On the one hand, this little Easter Egg foreshadows a major development in Avengers: Infinity War. But at the same time, all the movie has really done is stayed faithful to the source material.

The discovery’s taken from a scene of Dr. Erik Selvig, who’s recently lost his mind and has started scribbling a stream of information on a chalk board. Though much of it’s incomprehensible, you can briefly make out the word “Nidavellir,” the name of the Dwarf home world that Thor, Rocket, and Groot would visit five years later in the events of Infinity War.

While it’s quite possible that this reference to the dying neutron star was intended an early hint of what was to come, the fact that Nidavellir is one of the nine realms makes it a well-established part of Thor’s mythology, making it only natural that it would get a shout out in character’s own movie.

Thor: The Dark World may not be one of the more memorable chapters in the MCU, but its connections to the rest of the franchise continue to reveal themselves with each revisit. Just recently, one fan theory even suggested that the film drops clues for the return of Thor’s old love interest Jane Foster in the upcoming Avengers 4. Granted, this a bit of a long shot, but we’ll find out if the God of Thunder’s second solo outing is more significant than we thought when the Infinity War sequel comes out on May 3rd, 2019.

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