The One Avengers: Infinity War Death That Kevin Smith Refuses To Believe Will Stick


Ever since its arrival late last month, Kevin Smith has waxed lyrical about Avengers: Infinity War and all of its many twists and turns.

Indeed, the comic book scribe and all-around industry veteran once again addressed Marvel’s biggest blockbuster during the latest episode of Fatman on Batman, in which he proposed his own version of Infinity War‘s post-credits stinger (spoilers: Smith’s alternate take would have had Nick Fury send out a last-minute distress signal to Reed Richards of Fantastic Four, not Captain Marvel).

And that’s not all; Kevin Smith also spoke candidly about the film’s bleak finale, and why he struggles to believe that T’Challa’s death will be permanent. Frankly, the likes of Black Panther, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange are all expected to return in some shape or form, given Joe and Anthony Russo have placed the onus on Marvel’s Phase One heroes (see: Iron Man et. al) to undo Thanos’ universe-wide genocide.

His performance in that moment is so genuine that like I bought, even though I’m smarter than that I’m like I can’t believe they killed off Spider-Man and sh** but what I didn’t buy was when they killed off Black Panther, because I was like ‘oh no, that movie made too much money for that to happen. He’ll be back for sure!’ you know, but Tom Holland’s performance was pretty moving to the point where I’m like holy sh** man, I’m buying that this kid’s f***** dying.’

It’s hard to argue with Smith’s logic, as we know Kevin Feige and Marvel’s other high-ranking executives have discussed a direct sequel to Black Panther. Not only that, but many of those heroes affected by the Mad Titan’s snap of doom are the same ones expected to anchor Phase 4 when the time comes, by which point Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel will be front and center.

Kevin Smith continued:

I said to Walter [Flanagan of Comic Book Men], ‘What did you think of the ending?’ He goes, ‘I really liked it, but for one moment, I thought when they were going in on the beeper, that it was gonna be the number four.’ And right there I started crying because I was like, ‘We missed a better movie!’ Could you imagine if they were just like ‘four,’ and we’re like, ‘Oh f—k, they’re f—king in the universe! Here comes the Baxter Building, bitch.’

Box office-wise, Avengers: Infinity War‘s $1.8 billion box office cume has propelled the MCU into the stratosphere, and we fully expect Ant-Man and the Wasp to receive a boon in ticket sales as a result. Look for that one to open on July 6th.