Avengers: Infinity War Deleted Scene Reveals Vision’s Gruesome New Power


There are few things to complain about in Avengers: Infinity Warwhich does an excellent job of balancing its enormous cast and giving each of them something to do. There has always been some regret from fans, though, that Vision was so de-powered in the film. Part of this was necessary for the plot, however, as at his full power, the android could’ve been a huge asset in fighting Thanos. Something that’s perfectly demonstrated in this deleted scene.

Revealed in the Infinity Saga boxset, this short unused sequence – with mostly completed VFX – offers an alternate way that Vision’s fight with Corvus Glaive could have gone when Thanos’ adopted son comes to Scotland to kill him. In the finished cut, Vis is left badly injured by his confrontation with Glaive and his sister Proxima Midnight. In this version, though, Vision would’ve had no trouble killing Glave single-handedly. Literally, as he uses his phasing abilities to stick his hand into the villain’s chest and pull out his heart.

This is undoubtedly a cool sequence, and you can see in the replies to the tweet that fans would have loved to have seen Vision get to be this badass in the theatrical cut of Infinity War. Still, like I said above, a fully-powered Vis could’ve got in the way of the stakes. So, while cutting this scene denied us a great moment for the character, it helped increase the drama and the threat of Thanos and the Black Order.

In any case, Vision does kill Glaive later on in the movie. When they meet again during the Battle of Wakanda, he manages to turn Glaive’s blade back on him and delivers a fatal wound. Of course, thanks to time travel, Glaive was resurrected in Avengers: Endgame. But on this occasion, he was turned to dust along with his siblings by Iron Man’s use of the Infinity Gantlet.

Vision wasn’t revived in that film, but he will be in WandaVision – which we just got our first look at. So hopefully that’ll provide the badass moments that Avengers: Infinity War denied him.