Avengers: Infinity War Fans Revisit Hilarious Predictions For Who Would Die


Upon its release, many a Marvel film fan marched into Avengers: Infinity War with the same sanctimonious stride that they used with Age of Ultron. But whereas then, they were sure that Hawkeye would be the one leaving Sokovia in a body bag, here they were certain that it was time for their favorite heroes to die. And they (us included) were prepared.

Iron Man, Captain America and Thor had kickstarted and then carried the franchise for 10 years, and with Marvel preparing to move onto the next Phase in their cinematic storytelling, many assumed it was high time for them to bow out of the MCU. It’s sound logic, too. Talk of Chris Evans and Hemsworth’s contracts coming to an end had circled the shoot like vultures and many were surprised that Robert Downey Jr. had lasted as long as he had.

That left the newbies to carry the franchise, of course. T’Challa had just enjoyed huge box office success in Black Panther, Doctor Strange’s story felt like an opening chapter and we hadn’t seen anywhere near enough of the Guardians of the Galaxy or our new friendly neighborhood Spider-Man yet. And then with a snap of the fingers, they all disintegrated and floated away on the breeze.

But given that none of us could’ve seen this coming, the Marvel Studios subreddit has decided to look back on their original predictions for who would bite the bullet in the film and as you can see in the gallery below, everyone was way off. And we do mean way off.

Of course, it’s pretty much known that with some sort of mystical jiggery-pokery, nearly all of the vanquished heroes will return by the time the credits roll on Avengers 4. And by that point, we’ll all be ready to enjoy another 10 years of the MCU…just without Stark, Thor and Cap (probably). Whether that’s due to death, or merely moving on from the Avengers, we’ll have to wait and see. But one thing’s for sure, we can’t wait to find out.

Tell us, who do you think’s coming back from the dead in the sequel to Avengers: Infinity War? Make yourself heard in the comments section down below.