Avengers: Infinity War Directors Explain Why Thanos Didn’t Double The Universe’s Resources


“Thanos Did Nothing Wrong” is what the popular meme and subreddit of the same name says. Yet even if you believe that the Avengers: Infinity War villain’s extreme method of population control was well-intended, many fans would argue that erasing half the life from the universe may not have been the most humane way in which the Mad Titan could have fixed his perceived problem.

Specifically, viewers have made the case that Thanos could instead have doubled the resources available in the universe, which would’ve had the same effect on the person-to-resource ratio without anyone having to die. Nonetheless, on the audio commentary track for the Infinity War home video release, co-director Anthony Russo acknowledges this supposed plot hole, but suggests that the intergalactic tyrant had no desire to be so nice.

“People have asked us why Thanos didn’t just use the stones to double the resources in the universe, and clearly he is not interested,” Russo states.

Writer Stephen McFeely goes on to note that Thanos would likely regard this less genocidal approach as a merely temporary solution.

“No, it’s about free will,” McFeely added. “That doesn’t solve the problem. We’re just going to get there millions of years from now. This is an opportunity for people to get it right. He trusts them, you know?”

Later, co-director Joe Russo claims that the character’s plan was the product of a stubborn and deranged mind, arguing that Thanos’ actions were not as coldly rational as some fans would have you believe.

“Well, he was told ‘no’ to an idea that he had that he felt was the only solution, and then was proved right to himself when that solution was not acted upon,” Joe Russo said. “So his messianic complex — he is now committed to following through on the idea he had many many years ago. He is not a stable — although he appears stable at times, he is not a stable individual.”

So, there you have it. The purple despot could’ve been hailed as a hero, but instead he was driven by his ego to take the murderous route. In short, Thanos did something wrong.

All the same, if you’d care to see the Mad Titan enact his plan all over again, Avengers: Infinity War is out now on Digital HD and will be coming to 4K Ultra HD, Blu-Ray and DVD on August 14th.