Avengers: Infinity War Directors Reveal Their Favorite Scene


There are so many memorable moments in Avengers: Infinity War that it’s damn near impossible to name a single standout scene. Could it be Thor’s triumphant arrival in Wakanda? The surprise return of Red Skull? Or maybe the heartbreaking climax? Alternatively, if you agree with the Russo brothers, your favorite scene might be Gamora’s tragic death at the hands of her adoptive father Thanos.

The Russos revealed that this was their personal pick for the movie’s best scene while talking to EW, pinpointing the fact that they find that the “personal relationship” between the green Guardian and the Mad Titan in that moment makes the drama “much more complex.”

“I love her character in this film. Her relationship with Thanos is… You know, anytime you have a relationship that is between a hero and a villain where there is a personal relationship at stake, things just get so much more interesting and so much more complex.”

The directors have identified a running theme in their Marvel movies here. Both Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Civil War also featured conflicts between characters who used to be friends but are now on opposite sides, for example. Likewise, some of the other superior MCU films have explored a connection between the hero and the villain.

Continuing on, they said:

“That was one thing we loved when we made Winter Soldier — the relationship between Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, them being best friends as well as enemies was a very complicated relationship. I think you see that complex, rich relationship in the Thor-Loki relationship. They’re brothers who hate each other. Similarly, we loved exploring a father–daughter relationship that was very, very complicated and very difficult. And watching Gamora sort of step through that, she became the heart of the movie, I think.”

Gamora’s death is a strong choice for the best moment in Infinity War, as it’s so integral to the film’s narrative. Arguably, it’s the scene where the movie changes from an exciting ride filled with lots of jokes to something much darker and more dramatic, as after that, we knew that any of the assembled heroes could be next for the chop.

Tell us, do you agree with the Russos’ choice here? If not, what’s your favourite moment from Avengers: Infinity War? Have your say in the comments section down below!

Source: EW