Avengers: Infinity War Directors Tease What To Expect During The Credits


By now, I’m sure many of you know to stay after the credits whenever seeing the latest Marvel movie and, likewise, wonder where the heck everyone else is going when they begin to roll. I mean, haven’t people learned their lesson on numerous occasions since the first Iron Man flick debuted back in 2008?

Well, if you’ve also embarked on the journey for this long, I doubt you’ll be going anywhere during Avengers: Infinity War‘s credits. After all, we’re to expect a followup at this time next year, so don’t you think there’ll be some sort of juicy stinger waiting for us after what we assume to be a crazy cliffhanger?

When recently speaking with Backstage OL in the midst of promoting Earth’s Mightiest Heroes next outing, co-director Anthony Russo had this to offer:

“I will say this. There is a reason to stay for the credits. When the credits are coming up, you start to see card after card of movie star after movie star and it just starts to go on and on and on and on. It’s like nobody’s ever seen, a list of actor names like that before at the end of a movie.”

There you have it: You’ll get to read the names of the people who were in the film you just watched! But in all seriousness, we imagine that some cool-looking effects have been prepared, as is usually the case with these.

Additionally, it should be noted that Anthony’s brother and co-director, Joe, said that “you might not have to” wait around, so maybe there’ll be a mid-credits scene only? It wouldn’t surprise us since something similar happened with Age of Ultron three years ago.

Avengers: Infinity War opens in theaters this Friday.

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