Avengers: Infinity War Directors Address Fan Theory About Tony’s Dream


Cast your mind back to the beginning of Avengers: Infinity WarWhen we first meet Tony Stark in the movie, he and Pepper are walking through Central Park when Tony tells his fiancee about a vivid dream he had the night before, which saw the couple have a child together. They didn’t get to discuss it any further, though, because shortly after Doctor Strange arrives to recruit Iron Man to save the universe. Eh, that’s the life of a superhero for you.

Given that pretty much everything in Infinity War has the potential to have a bigger meaning in Avengers 4 though, fans have wondered whether this was just a dream or if Tony somehow received a premonition of the future. While we still don’t have a definitive answer on the matter, the Russo brothers have teased that there might be some significance to what Stark saw.

The official Avengers Twitter feed hosted a Q&A with the filmmakers yesterday and MCU Cosmic’s Jeremy Conrad took the opportunity to press the Russos for information on the mysterious dream. The brothers played it cool, but their reply’s intriguing nonetheless: “It was a dream, but dreams are mysterious.”

The theory that there could be some truth to Tony’s vision gains a lot more credence when you consider what we know about Avengers 4. It’s clear by now that time travel will be heavily involved, with set pics showing an older Stark revisiting the events of The Avengers. So, perhaps the messing with the timeline somehow gives Tony this echo of what’s to come?

Will he and Pepper really have a kid, though? You bet – at least if Gwyneth Paltrow’s to be believed. The actress let slip that there’ll be a little Stark Jr. on the way in the following film, as well as that Tony and Pepper will get married. Though that remains to be confirmed by the Russos, it does fit in with what we’ve heard about Avengers 4 jumping forward several years after the climax of Infinity War. As such, we’re inclined to believe it.