Avengers: Infinity War Directors Wish Wolverine Could’ve Been Included


To the joy of Marvel fans everywhere, what was once deemed impossible looks to be happening now, as Disney’s in the process of hoovering up 20th Century Fox, meaning that the rights to the X-Men could return to Marvel Studios. Unfortunately, this occurred too late for any mutant characters to be added into Avengers: Infinity WarBut, imagining for a moment that such a thing was on the cards, which X-Men would have featured in the film?

GamesRader posed this question to the Russo brothers recently, though in order to not touch on any complicated legal issues, the interview deliberately didn’t mention the Fox situation. Joe clocked what the question meant, however, when he said: “Let’s open it up to favorite Marvel characters.”

Anthony then chimed in with an answer many fans would agree with. “It would probably be Wolverine,” said the elder Russo brother, making him the latest person to express interest in seeing the immortal anti-hero, formally played by Hugh Jackman, in the MCU.

With the subject now firmly broached, GamesRader took the opportunity to remind the Russos about the Disney-Fox deal and therefore the potential merger that could then happen with Marvel and the X-Men. Anthony agreed that this could lead to something eventually. “Yeah, maybe one day…” he teased.

Joe then chimed in with an even juicier reply, saying, “We could be close.” Is this just a general comment on the situation that we’re all familiar with, or does Russo have some insider information that he’s withholding from the class? We’ll leave that one up to you.

Despite it being contractually impossible for a Fox character to appear in Infinity War at this stage, that hasn’t stopped fans from really wishing that wasn’t the case and theorizing this, that and the other. Recently, a rumour that Silver Surfer could appear was doing the rounds, until the Russos themselves brought everyone to their senses and reminded us that Marvel Studios doesn’t actually own the rights to the character just yet.

Not that Avengers: Infinity War is exactly lacking in heavyweight heroes as it is, mind you, as practically every major player in the MCU will come together when the event movie of the year hits cinemas on April 27th. And we can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

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