Doctor Strange Has A “Wonderful Role” In Avengers: Infinity War


Similar to how Black Panther introduced viewers to Wakanda and its rich history, Scott Derrickson’s standalone Doctor Strange movie had the unique responsibility of unlocking the door to Marvel’s Multiverse and all of its many dimensions.

And at the center of that trippy and truly mind-bending journey was Stephen Strange, Benedict Cumberbatch’s best-in-class doctor who graduated from a master of medicine to a master of the mystic arts, no thanks to Tilda Swinton’s Ancient One.

That is, in a nutshell, the origins of Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme, who is now primed for a big evolution with Joe and Anthony Russo’s Avengers: Infinity War. In fact, according to Cumberbatch himself, Strange will enjoy a “wonderful role” in the forthcoming Marvel sequel in that his on-screen character is very much the lynchpin holding Marvel’s many dimensions together.

Chatting on GMA earlier today, here’s what he had to say:

I had to sort of understand what the context was. Strange has this wonderful role in it and I’m trying to hold the multiverse together. So, I kind of needed to know what goes on between those brackets.

He’s also one of the few actors to have read the full Infinity War script, much to the amusement of co-stars Tom Holland and Tom Hiddleston. Indeed, the former actor, who is about to reprise the dual role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man later this month, admits that he’s spent the past few weeks walking on eggshells in fear of spoiling 2018’s biggest movie.

I’m very stressed right now because this is live, so I’m just trying to sit on it and let these guys do all the talking.

All will be revealed once Avengers: Infinity War sees a release later this month, on April 27th.

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