Empire’s Stunning Avengers: Infinity War Covers Are Now Available Sans Text


If you were among the fortunate few who received their copy of Empire Magazine ahead of schedule, you’ll know that the outlet’s latest issue is dedicated to all things Avengers: Infinity War – its story, its super-sized cast, and those six immensely powerful Infinity Stones that serve as the foundation on which Thanos’ origin story is built.

Indeed, Empire’s coverage continues to be the treasure trove from which budding Marvel enthusiasts extract precious intel about Infinity War and its gigantic plot. Case in point: earlier today we caught wind of a brutal action sequence featuring some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and their newfound allies, the Guardians of the Galaxy.

We’d advise you to tread lightly, of course, as scene descriptions can be construed as potential spoilers – especially four weeks out from release. Nevertheless, now that Empire’s latest issue is officially on sale, the outlet has rolled out textless versions of its recent cover spread (h/t CBM). Feast thy eyes:

With 10 years of superhero legacy at its disposal and more characters than you could shake an Infinity Gauntlet at, it’s fair to say that, on paper, Infinity War has all the makings of a special, once-in-a-generation kind of movie. Between them, directors Joe and Anthony Russo – not to mention their screenwriters and frequent collaborators Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus – have executed an unprecedented juggling act with some of the biggest names in comic book history. And don’t get us started on Avengers 4, a film so ambiguous – so god damn mysterious – it’s yet to receive an official title…that we know of.

But make no mistake, Avengers: Infinity War heralds a defining moment for the MCU – so much so, that Marvel’s superhero franchise will never be the same again, regardless of how things unfold on April 27th.

Source: Empire