Avengers: Infinity War Fan Art Imagines A Comics-Accurate Iron Spider


Fans were excited when Tony Stark unveiled an upgraded Spider-Man suit to his protege Peter Parker at the end of HomecomingThough a fresh design, its origins suggested that this was the MCU version of the Iron Spider costume that Iron Man creates for Parker in the comics. Sure enough, when Tom Holland’s wall-crawler donned the outfit in Avengers: Infinity War, it proved to come with the same extra gadgets the Iron Spider did – most noticeably, the retractable legs.

The MCU Iron Spider suit retains the web-slinger’s classic color scheme of red and blue, with an echo of the comic version in its gold detailing. But what it would look like if Marvel Studios had faithfully recreated the Iron Spider from the page? Well, one fan has imagined that and redesigned the suit with the blue removed and the gold coloring increased.

Check it out down below:

Of course, the Iron Spider suit proved to be very useful for Peter Parker in Infinity War, as he wouldn’t have survived his unexpected trip into space without it. Not to mention its bells and whistles came in handy in his battles with Ebony Maw and then Thanos himself. However, we shouldn’t expect this to be his go-to outfit from now on, as it seems that he’ll get some new threads in Spider-Man: Homecoming 2

Marvel costume designer Louise Frogley revealed that the upcoming sequel will feature a couple of “big changes” in the costume department so as to reflect the fact that Peter will become “more like a man and not a teenager” in the movie. For now, we’re left to wonder exactly what Spidey’s latest outfit will be like, but we imagine it’ll be again designed by Tony. Or perhaps Peter, if he’s more mature next time around, will put something together himself?

Despite his death in Avengers: Infinity War, we’ve still got plenty more of the web-slingers to look forward to in the MCU. First up, he’ll return in next May’s Avengers 4 and then there’s Spider-Man: Homecoming 2, which arrives in July.