Avengers: Infinity War Fan Devises Incredibly Meta Theory


You can’t have failed to notice that Avengers: Infinity War has spawned more fan theories than any other Marvel movie. Due to the universe-shattering fallout of the end of the film, superhero lovers have spent the summer devising various ways that the heroes could come out on top despite things looking so bleak right now. And of course, most have something to do with the 14 billion versions of the future Doctor Strange perceived during the film.

Of course, very few of these fan theories, as imaginative as many of them are, will be proven right when Avengers 4 eventually arrives. Reddit user @ShouldBeAnUpvoteGIF, however, has come up with a mind-blowingly meta theory that concerns all these fan theories, and jokingly finds a way to make each and every one of them canon.

Hold onto your hats, because here it comes:

“Infinity War: Every fan theory posted here is one of the many possible futures Doctor Strange saw. But only one is correct.”

Yes, what if everyone’s fan theories all actually happened in one of those endless alternate futures that the Sorcerer Supreme foresaw? Sure, there’s the issue of there being one single timeline in which the Avengers win, but hey, maybe Strange just got bored after 14 billion and there are really lots more correct timelines out there?

The fun thing about this theory is that if you’ve come up with a fan theory that doesn’t turn out to be true in Avengers 4, then you can take solace in the fact that it happened in other variations of events. For instance, do you think Howard the Duck will show up and single-handedly defeat Thanos? We’ll tell you right now that won’t happen in the movie, but maybe it will in another timeline?