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This Avengers Triptych Poster Belongs On Your Wall

Graphic designer Rico Jr has shared his triptych poster design for the Avengers trilogy, encompassing Joss Whedon's franchise-starter, Age of Ultron, and Avengers: Infinity War.

Though the so-far-untitled Avengers 4 is still waiting in the wings, Joe and Anthony Russo’s Infinity War signalled the third time Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have joined forces for the greater good.

That trilogy encompasses Joss Whedon’s original franchise-starter, the somewhat divisive Age of Ultron, and Avengers: Infinity War, arguably the biggest movie Marvel has ever attempted. And at $2 billion worldwide, it’s the studio’s most successful movie, too.

It’s only fitting, then, that Avengers: Infinity War is championed for what it is – a historic, near-unprecedented crossover which builds upon 10 years and 18 films’ worth of backstory to create one of the most dazzling cinematic experiences in recent memory. And thanks to graphic designer Rico Jr. (h/t Screen Rant), today brings forth a series of Avengers-themed posters to commemorate Marvel’s incredible trilogy, beginning with the movie that started it all six years ago.

Oh, how far we’ve come. Not only has Marvel Studios built a 20-film legacy in the form of the MCU, but those characters who’ve found themselves amongst Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have since become household names, and one need only look to the success of James Gunn’s Guardians series for evidence of that.

All of this (and more!) is squeezed into the design of each poster, which uses the famous ‘A’ as something of an anchor point, around which you’ll find some of the key events that have transpired over the past six years – Loki goading the Avengers is a personal favorite.

Next up for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is the super-secret Avengers 4, which currently has its crosshairs placed on a May 2019 release date.

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