Avengers: Infinity War Recreates Iconic Thanos Moment From The Comics


Avengers: Infinity War takes some pretty major liberties with Thanos, changing his character from top to bottom in comparison to how he’s portrayed in the comics. That doesn’t mean that the movie doesn’t take the time to pay homage to some of the Mad Titan’s most famous scenes in the source material, however. In fact, one of his oddest, most infamous moments actually made it into Infinity War.

At the end of the movie, we discover that Thanos has gone off the grid and is lying low in a simple house on some bucolic alien world, smiling as he looks out at the exotic sunset. The reason he’s here is because he’s achieved his life goal of “bringing balance to the universe.” This was foreshadowed earlier in the film, too, as the villain promised that he’d allow himself to rest and watch the sunset after he completed his goal.

While it’s a pretty dramatic scene in Infinity War, in the comics, its counterpart is often mocked by fans. Known as the “Farmer Thanos” moment, Jim Starlin’s Infinity Gauntlet storyline ends with the Mad Titan in a similar situation, as he’s become a humble farmer now that he’s lost the Infinity Gauntlet that had granted him unlimited power.

See for yourself below:

The final shots of both the comic and the film are near identical, but the context is very different. On the page, Thanos flees to a remote part of the galaxy in order to hide away from his enemies. In Avengers: Infinity War, meanwhile, his self-imposed exile is more akin to Thanos treating himself to a relaxing vacation after a job well done.

Still, the end goal is the same. The Mad Titan has put his days as a fearsome tyrant behind him and is perfectly content to live the quiet life from now on. That being said, we doubt the MCU’s Thanos, much like his comic book counterpart, will be happy staying there for long…