Kevin Smith Gives His Full Review Of Avengers: Infinity War


Late last month, comic book scribe and frequent movie director Kevin Smith (ClerksMallrats) was one of the first people to rush to Twitter and post their thoughts about Avengers: Infinity War.

And while the entire film community stood still as Infinity War began its global rollout, the sequel’s arrival struck a chord with Smith, who made it his mission to see Marvel’s event movie as soon as possible after suffering a massive heart attack back in February. Smith survived, thank the heavens, and has lost 32 pounds since recovering from his ‘widow-maker’ health scare – hell, he now considers it to be the best thing that ever happened to him.

Fast forward to today, and the writer-director has now elaborated on his review of Avengers: Infinity War, telling TMZ (h/t that he’s already been to see the sequel three times. So just like the rest of us, eh?

Little bit. Especially because I saw it in a vibrating chair. As much as it put my on the edge of my seat, I was at a screening out here last week, a press screening on Monday or Tuesday, and so I saw it with a bunch of people in advance and there’s a moment in the movie where, you think something bad has really happened, I don’t want to spoil it, and when it happened, I was like, ‘Noooo!’ I screamed out, and then I read about it in the Daily News a few days later. In the review, they were like, ‘Kevin Smith, screamed “No” at a certain point,’ it is that movie that engages you.

He continued:

Thankfully, though, the open artery, thanks to the stent, made it watchable and I did not die. And that was the movie that, for me, when I got done with the heart attack, when I lived through it, I was like, ‘F-ckin’ A, I’m gonna see the Avengers.

Smith’s passion for the comic book industry knows no bounds, so it’s heartening to see that Avengers: Infinity War lived up to his own expectations. But did it live up to your own? You can, as always, chime in with your own thoughts, theories and concerns via the comments.

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