Infinity War’s Tom Hiddleston Charts The Rise And Rise Of Loki


Say what you will about Marvel’s on-screen villains, but there’s something so great – so deliciously evil – about Loki that Tom Hiddleston’s antagonist continues to be a fixture of the Marvel Cinematic Universe even to this day. And that’s despite the fact that he was irrefutably knocked off his perch in The Avengers.

Still, Loki persevered, and even seeded the sows of corruption in Asgard – he did impersonate Odin, after all – while also leaving the door open for Hela, Thor’s long-lost sister, to bring the gilded city to its knees in Thor: Ragnarok. Last we checked in on the God of Mischief, he was plotting course for Earth, and will likely come into contact with Thanos pretty early on in Avengers: Infinity War.

But when it comes to Loki’s continued popularity, in particular, Tom Hiddleston told HeyUGuys that he never imagined his character would still be hanging around the MCU in 2018:

That’s not a choice I’ve made. Because what’s so accidental about Loki is that when I joined the Marvel universe…there was no Marvel universe. I mean, there was – but it was much smaller than it is now. And I’ve been so grateful to be part of it. I think Marvel had only made the first Iron Man when I was cast as Loki, and they were in the middle of Iron Man 2. And now, you’ve got the Guardians and Captain America and Black Panther and Spider-Man’s coming…and I’m just lucky to be there.

Not that we’re complaining. Ever since his cracking debut in the original Thor movie, Hiddleston’s big bad has cemented his place as one of the MCU’s more intriguing, complex characters, and one need only look to Ragnarok for an example of Loki doing what he does best – treading the line between hero and villain.

The next port of call for Loki is Avengers: Infinity War, which will presumably see him hand over the Tesseract to Thanos – either as a means of brokering peace with the Mad Titan, or to save the lives of his fellow Asgardians. All will be revealed on May 4th, which is now just over 100 days away. Not that we’re counting or anything…