Avengers: Infinity War May Signal The End Of Hulk And Black Widow’s Flirtations


It seems Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff are no longer an item.

That’s the latest Infinity War theory proposed by ComicBook.com. Coming out of yesterday’s mind-blowing trailer reveal, the outlet has pieced together a report that suggests Bruce (Hulk) and Natasha’s (Black Widow) fledgling romance will have fizzled out by the time Joe and Anthony Russo’s Avengers sequel begins.

Ever since the superpowered duo first crossed paths five years ago, Marvel’s leading creators have consistently hinted that Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff, two wounded Avengers with deeply troubling pasts, could wind up together. But saving the world tends to force any cute flirtations onto the back-burner, and that’s something we’ve seen throughout Avengers and its divisive sequel, Age of Ultron. So will Infinity War be the same?

ComicBook.com points to one of Scarlett Johansson’s earlier interviews with Bravo, where the MCU mainstay hints that the Black Widow/Hulk bond has essentially lost its spark. That’s a little disheartening, then, as one might assume that Natasha is overly pleased to see her super-sized ally following the events of Thor: Ragnarok.

Here’s that quote from the actress:

I just finished Avengers: Infinity War. The first one. My character has this ongoing relationship with Mark Ruffalo’s character. I had such devastation that day. I don’t know why. I was so devastated. It was something about this character that Mark plays, and this is something that should feel so solid and suddenly doesn’t or there’s… And it reminded me of so much of the things going on in my own life at the time…

Is that ongoing relationship really on the verge of unraveling? Or is this report merely clutching at straws? We’ll know for sure once Avengers: Infinity War opens big on May 4th, 2018. And if you’re still pining for more content after yesterday’s teaser, look no further than our in-depth trailer analysis.