The Russo Brothers Reiterate No Spoiler Plea Ahead Of Infinity War’s Premiere


This is it, folks.

Later this week, Marvel Studios and the Russo Brothers will unleash Avengers: Infinity War upon the moviegoing masses, and the MCU will never be the same again.

It’s being held up as a landmark moment for Marvel’s superhero franchise (and comic book films, overall), though some viewers are beginning to log offline in order to mitigate the chance of encountering spoilers ahead of time.

Remember, the stakes have never been higher for Tony Stark and the gang, and with talk of major (and permanent!) deaths occurring in the opening 30 minutes, it’s clear that Infinity War‘s water cooler talk will be limited to broad themes and zippy one-liners until such a time as the majority of Marvel fans have seen Avengers 3 with their own two eyes.

And with Avengers: Infinity War set to screen in its entirety later this evening – for the first time, no less – Joe and Anthony Russo have taken to Twitter (h/t CBM) to reiterate their no spoiler plea, stating that “Thanos demands your silence.”

He’s the biggest and most formidable villain of the MCU thus far, so if Marvel’s Mad Titan is demanding our silence, we’re more than happy to fulfill his command, lest we ruin a superhero smackdown 10 years in the making.

Via Twitter:

For those of you wanting to purge your Twitter timeline of any Marvel-related content, we’d kindly advise you to go to the ‘content preferences’ part of your settings and add the likes of ‘Infinity War’ and ‘Avengers’ to your muted words. That way, any Tweet containing something related to the MCU will be hidden from your timeline. Voilà!

It’s a quick and easy trick to mitigate spoilers, and with Avengers: Infinity War so close – expect the review embargo to lift tomorrow evening – vigilance is key.

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