Avengers: Infinity War Directors Share Emotional MCU Tribute Video


Are you looking to be reduced to an emotional wreck in just 5 minutes? Then boy, do we have the video for you! This fan trailer from YouTube channel The Garo Studios brings together many of the most heartbreaking moments from the entirety of the MCU under the unifying theme of “sacrifice,” and it’s definitely worth a watch.

An exceptionally well-made piece, this video is so good that it could easily be a legitimate bit of marketing from Marvel Studios. And it now kind of is, actually, as Avengers: Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo have shared it on their Twitter account, where it unsurprisingly went viral.

The through-line of the tribute, as you can see, is the the deaths of Infinity War, recounted in chronological order but given greater context by the inclusion of relevant clips from past entries in the franchise which remind us how far these characters have come and how much they’ve already sacrificed.

Watching a video like this also goes to show that those who dismiss superhero movies as soulless blockbusters need to rewatch them. It’s clear from this that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has always contained an emotional heft and been able to tug at our heartstrings, mostly thanks to how character-led the studio’s movies are. The reason we cared so much at the end of Infinity War is because we love these heroes and heroines and have seen them go through so much in the last ten years.

But, as tragic as things have gotten so far, it’s all a preamble for next year’s Avengers 4. Though half of the world’s heroes died in Infinity War, we know many of them will return. Whatever deaths occur in this grand finale to the MCU as we know it, however, will likely stick. So if you thought the climax of April’s blockbuster was heartbreaking, just wait, because you ain’t seen nothing yet.