Avengers: Infinity War Sort Of Foreshadows What Happened To Rocket


Which hero has the toughest time of it in Avengers: Infinity War? That’s an incredibly tough question to answer, as all of them are put through the wringer not just physically – as they fight for their lives and the entire universe against some very tough opponents – but emotionally, too. Come the end of the film, though, half of all life has been wiped out, meaning that the galaxy’s mightiest defenders have lost a number of friends and loved ones.

If we had to pick one single character who suffers the most, though, it might be Rocket. At the very least, the Avengers who survived have some of their teammates still with them – generally, their oldest friends. Rocket, on the other hand, has lost his entire family as he’s now the only Guardian still standing. Not counting Nebula, that is.

If you watch Infinity War again knowing what happens to the augmented raccoon, however, you’ll notice that there are actualy a couple of nods to Rocket’s tragic fate dropped earlier on in the film.

In particular, there’s the scene where he has a heart-to-heart to Thor about the God of Thunder’s recent losses at the hands of Thanos – which, in itself, shows surprising emotional maturity on the character’s part. As he gears himself up to do this, Rocket sighs and says: “time to be the captain.” This is a little ironic, as you could say that he’s the captain of the Guardians by default by the conclusion of the movie.

At the other end of their conversation, Thor walks off saying that he hardly has anything left to lose if Thanos wins. Speaking to himself again, Rocket mutters: “Me, personally, I could lose a lot.” At the time, it seems like a typical line from him, as we imagine he’s talking about the risk to his own safety.

However, by the final moments of Avengers: Infinity War, we’ve seen firsthand just how much Rocket could lose if the Mad Titan got his way. If one thing’s for certain, it’s that he’s definitely going to be one very unhappy rabbit in Avengers 4.