Avengers: Infinity War Set Video Shows Off A Bloodied Tony Stark


Avengers: Infinity War is currently shooting in a variety of locations, but we’ve still seen nothing official from the highly anticipated 2018 release beyond some concept art and a behind the scenes sizzle reel. Unfortunately, that probably won’t be changing at any point in the near future, but today, as part of an Omaze charity campaign, a new video takes us to the Atlanta set of the movie, giving us a very brief glimpse of the hugely anticipated blockbuster.

It doesn’t reveal anything significant, but we do get to see a bloodied and battered Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark and Tom Holland in his motion capture costume as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. We don’t know yet if his red and blue outfit will be redesigned for Avengers: Infinity War, but seeing as it’s added in the post-production process, it’ll probably be a while before we find out for sure.

One thing to note here is that we see what appears to be an alien planet. Or at least, we assume it is, as it certainly doesn’t look like anywhere on Earth. Not to mention that having the titular heroes travel into outer space is to be expected as they’ll be assembling to take on big bad Thanos.

With roughly a year to go until the release of Avengers: Infinity War, we don’t imagine a trailer will be arriving any time soon. However, more set photos and videos will no doubt continue to surface and hopefully, we’ll learn a little bit more about what to expect during Comic-Con this summer. Until then, take a look at the video above and check in with Holland and Downey Jr. on the set of Marvel’s upcoming film.

Source: Omaze