Infinity War Prelude Comic Indicates That The Soul Stone Is The “Most Dangerous” Stone Of Them All


Even after Black Panther‘s release and subsequent box office success, the hunt for the MCU’s Soul Stone continues unabated.

Though many had assumed that Ryan Coogler would have at least alluded to its existence, all signs currently point to the Soul Stone being revealed during the midst of Avengers: Infinity War later this year, when Thanos will begin his quest for world domination.

That’s a quest that will likely spill over into 2019, given the so-far untitled Avengers 4 is slated for release next May. In short, don’t be too surprised if Marvel chooses to sit on its Soul Stone reveal for another 12 months, by which point viewers will be flocking to see Captain Marvel on the silver screen. Speaking of Carol Danvers, there has even been evidence to suggest that Brie Larson’s solo pic will herald our first look at the Soul Stone.

One way or another, it’s seemingly the “most dangerous” gem of them all, or so says Avengers: Infinity War‘s prelude comic. The second, conclusive chapter is available as of today, February 28th, and thanks to Reddit (h/t MCU Exchange), we now have a passage from Will Corona Pilgrim’s canonical tie-in that reads as so:

Even though we see visuals of all these, Wong kinda just explains to Strange what anyone from Earth could know about the stones. Like he doesn’t know what happened to the Aether after Thor removed it from Malekith, doesn’t know what happened to the Tesseract after Thor and Loki took it to Asgard, doesn’t really know much about the Power Stone but “hopes someone out there” is protecting worlds from its wrath.

Marvel has saved the best for last, it seems, though there’s still no mention of the Soul Stone’s whereabouts:

And as he reaches the Soul stone is when they notice Thor and Loki have come to Earth to look for Odin. After Strange deals with them, he asks Wong about the 6th stone and Wong says nothing much is known about it other than the fact that it’s the most dangerous one, and whoever, if and when, comes looking for them, needs to be stopped, showing a visual of Thanos wearing the empty gauntlet and grinning (post-credit scene from Ultron).

So, there you have it; the Soul Stone far exceeds its cosmic brethren when it comes to raw power, which only has us all the more apprehensive about Thanos and his masterplan. Expect it to unfurl when Avengers: Infinity War graces theaters on May 4th.

Source: Reddit