No, Spidey’s Instant Kill Function Won’t Be Used During Avengers: Infinity War


“Why don’t you try that on? And I’ll introduce the world to the newest official member of the Avengers – Spider-Man.”

Just prior to Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s finale, in which Tony Stark hoped to unveil Tom Holland’s Web-Head to the world, Peter Parker is seen getting to grips with his upgraded armor and its female AI, Karen.

It’s during this scene that Holland’s hero begins to realize all of the many bells and whistles that make up the latest Spider-Man suit, including Enhanced Reconnaissance Mode and the Instant Kill function that sees our friendly neighborhood Spidey turn nasty so that, when activated, his lenses close over to form thin slits replete with an eerie red glow.

Truth be told, the entire Enhanced Combat Mode gag is just that, a gag, so it shouldn’t be too surprising to hear that the Instant Kill function won’t be returning for Avengers: Infinity War as it’s just not in Spidey’s nature to become the lethal protector.

I don’t actually think the instant kill function does what everyone thinks it does. I think it simply shuts off electricity. I actually don’t think it’s a killing, like, piece of tech. I don’t think it is to murder people. I don’t think Tony Stark’s that dark. […] I don’t know if instant kill would work against Thanos.

Even if Spidey’s Instant Kill feature was included in the upcoming sequel, it’s incredibly unlikely that it would have been enough to topple Thanos, whose power far exceeds anything that the Avengers have faced hitherto.

Besides, with Avengers 4 still on the horizon, it’s all but certain that the war between Thanos and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will spill over into 2019, by which point Marvel and Tom Holland will be ready to launch Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 and with it, Phase 4 of the MCU.

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