Avengers 4 Directors Say Stan Lee Always Asked For More Lines In His Cameos


Here lies Stan Lee, master of the Marvel movie cameo.

Not that that’s the official inscription on Lee’s headstone, but it’s still a pretty apt description of the late comic book legend, who passed away earlier this month. He leaves behind a truly unparalleled legacy, and moviegoers can still look forward to one or two final cameo appearances thanks to the likes of Captain Marvel and Avengers 4.

Indeed, according to Joe and Anthony Russo, Stan Lee would regularly ask for more dialogue when filming his MCU cameos, which soon became a recurring joke on set. The revelation came as part of Collider’s special screening of Avengers: Infinity War (h/t /Film), after which Joe and Anthony Russo fielded a series of questions about the Avengers 4 teaser trailer, Secret Wars, the Snap, and Stan Lee.

Via Twitter:

Suffice it to say, Marvel’s ‘Main Man’ will be sorely missed, though so long as the MCU continues in its success – $17.5 billion and counting, last we checked – Lee’s legacy will live on, inspiring millions with its loveable characters and tales of heroism. Hell, one need only look to the excitement generated by the impending Avengers 4 trailer reveal for evidence of that, given the entire Internet appears to be on a knife-edge as we go into the weekend.

Because while initial rumors pegged Marvel’s big showcase for Wednesday, November 28th, it’s now looking increasingly likely that the footage won’t be online until Friday – or, failing that, the beginning of next week, thereby dovetailing with the launch of the Avengers 4 prelude comic. So many questions, so few answers…

All we know for sure is that Avengers 4 will debut on May 3rd, and when it does, it’ll include one final cameo from the late, great Stan Lee.