Avengers: Infinity War Super Bowl Spot Fuels Rumors Of Thor’s Weapon Upgrade


When Taika Waititi climbed aboard Thor: Ragnarok, part and parcel of the director’s vision involved stripping the Norse god down to the bare bones. No home. No luscious locks. And definitely no hammer.

You can thank Cate Blanchett’s Hela, Goddess of Death, for shattering Mjölnir into a million pieces, but with Thanos looming large, Thor’s next port of call will be to find a new weapon before Avengers: Infinity War kicks off. And that’s where the Guardians come in.

As reported by Screen Rant, the official Super Bowl stinger for Infinity War features a shot of Thor hitching a ride in the Milano. So far, so familiar. But things really start to get interesting when you consider where they ragtag crew is headed. Nidavellir is a safe bet, as it’s home to the Dwarven smiths – and, by effect, Jarnbjorn. So perhaps Star-Lord and Co. can take some credit for empowering Chris Hemsworth’s Norse god with a worthy successor to Mjolnir? Time will tell.

Thor Infinity War weapon

Of course, the God of Thunder isn’t the only Avenger in line for an upgrade. Tony Stark, for instance, will be piloting the Model-Prime armor (AKA Mark LI), while Peter Parker will be slipping into the Iron Spider guise glimpse at the tail-end of Homecoming. And proving that two shields are definitely better than one, it seems the revamped Captain America (or should we say Nomad?) will be charging into the Battle of Wakanda wielding some of the finest tech in Africa.

So Jarnbjorn is merely a small (and mighty!) piece of the puzzle, and we’ll able to see the finished product once Avengers: Infinity War launches into theaters on May 4th.

Source: Screen Rant