The Avengers: Infinity War Super Bowl Trailer Is Absolutely Epic


At long last, the moment we’ve all been waiting for is here, as Marvel has now released the next trailer for Joe and Anthony Russo’s Avengers: Infinity War, and seemingly broken the internet in the process. But then again, what did you expect from a new preview for what’s undoubtedly going to be one of the biggest movies of all-time?

Set to bring together just about every character still breathing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and maybe even resurrect a few dead ones, too, the third Avengers film is looking to be a spectacle like none other. And in case you need help buying into that, one watch of the absolutely epic trailer up above should be more than enough.

Then again, we don’t imagine too many people still need to be convinced on this one. After all, it’s without a doubt 2018’s most anticipated release and given the roll that Marvel’s been on lately, I think everyone knows that this is going to be another home run for them. Or at least, it’s certainly looking that way.

Though this new trailer keeps things light in regards to plot details – which is understandable – the studio isn’t holding back on showing off the sheer scale and scope of the event movie with the footage they’ve presented here, and as expected, Infinity War looks massive in every sense of the word. Beyond that, though, just getting to see all our favorite heroes coming together is a real treat. Don’t get us wrong, that first trailer was absolutely fantastic, but it did leave us wanting more and though this one’s a bit on the short side, we’re absolutely thrilled with all the new footage Marvel’s given us to feast on.

Packed to the rafters with scene-stealing chemistry and “intense surprises,” Avengers: Infinity War is now only a few months away and will launch into theaters on May 4th. The fourth, so-far untitled Avengers film will then release in May of 2019, by which point viewers will be acquainted with Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers and her ’90s-set origin story. March 8th, 2019 is the date for your diaries for that one.